Preparing for school

In the 2021/2022 academic year at Concord school, 2 groups of the «Preparing for School»  course were formed with a maximum occupancy of up to 10 people. Group lessons are held on Wednesdays from 17:30 to 19:20.

During training in the “Preparing for school” groups, teachers work on the formation of all the constituent parts of the “readiness for school” concept, these are:

  1. motivation to learn (desire to go to school);
  2. the ability to interact with peers, with a teacher;
  3. the presence of a cognitive need for the formation of the “student’s internal position”;
  4. the ability to act in accordance with the assigned tasks;
  5. development of intellectual processes;
  6. development of phonemic hearing, speech;
  7. development of fine motor skills;
  8. the ability to work at a pace throughout the lesson, to have time to work with the children of the group.

The main purpose of the preparatory course is to level the starting capabilities of future schoolchildren, so that when they enter school, they do not have stress, complexes that can discourage their desire to study for all future years. To fulfill this, it is important to teach children to express their thoughts accurately and clearly, to reveal their creative possibilities, to develop interest and attention to the word, to its emotional coloring. In the course of classes we instill to the children various necessary skills: a responsible attitude to work, curiosity, initiative, independence in the search for new impressions, different methods of action, answers to emerging questions, solving problem situations.

Children learn to follow the rules during the lesson, learn to control their behavior, to subject their desires, actions, thoughts to the rules. These qualities are required for both the successful mastering of the program material and the advancement of children in general development, for further education at school in all subjects. The question of proper teaching worries many parents of future first graders. Therefore, the program of the course “Preparing for school” takes into account the social order of the parents and is aimed at the formation of the components of the child’s school maturity, at the disclosure and development of the individual abilities and characteristics of the child.

List of occupations and teachers:

1) Preparation for writing and reading: teacher – Tatiana Vladimirovna Lobach.

2) Logic / mathematics: teacher – Natalya Vasilievna Zhilinskaya.

3) English: teacher – Olga Leonidovna Shelyakhina.

Group №1 studies in the classroom of the 4th grade. Group No. 2 studies in a classroom of the 2th grade.

Enrollment in the “Preparing for school” group takes place after signing the contract if there are places in groups. Education in the “Preparing for school” group does not guarantee enrollment in the 1st grade of Concord school. Payment for classes is transferred using the ERIP system.

To make payment, you should go along the “branch”: ERIP – Education and Development – Kindergartens, schools – Schools – Mogilev – Private educational institution “Concord”. For payment, you must indicate the number of the contract, for example, No. 1