Each teacher of the Concord School is a talented teacher with an open heart, a lot of kindness and love for children! Our teachers are professionals who have brought up the winners of the Olympiads of different levels, the champions in the points scored at the CT, and most importantly – individuals who can think, make decisions, understand the value of knowledge, respect the teaching profession.

Голубева Татьяна Сергеевна

Учитель английского языка

Больше всего меня привлекает работа с младшими школьниками, поскольку они делятся со мной своей детской энергией и беззаботностью. В работе с малышами невозможно обойти игровую технологию

Savchenko Olga Alexandrovna

History and Social Science Teacher

"I have sufficient pedagogical work experience, I reveal the inclination of students to study the subject, I clearly and efficiently organize the preparation of gifted children for subject Olympiads

Shumskaya Yana Alekseevna

Music and art teacher

If I hadn’t been a teacher, I have no idea who I would be. Children are the most powerful motivator for me to work on myself. For their sake, I want to become better every day.

Костикова Ольга Викторовна

Учитель обслуживающего труда, руководитель студии ИЗО

Будет дополнено.

Воробьева Елена Витальевна

Воспитатель ГПД

Будет дополнено.

Firsova Natalia Mikhailovna

Physical education and health teacher

Training the school's teams in such sports as volleyball, football, snow sniper, swimming, table tennis, etc. Participation in the Olympiads in physical education: 2019 - a student of grade 10 won a diploma of the 3d degree,

Сенакосова Полина Анатольевна

Учитель английского языка

Полина Анатольевна реализует себя в профессиональных конкурсах и исследовательских проектах, активно участвует в олимпиадном движении и имеет дипломы всех степеней за достижения в работе с учащимися на городских и районных олимпиадах.

Букатый Сергей Александрович

Учитель технического труда

В качестве преподавателя трудового обучения школы "Конкорд" у меня появилась возможность передать учащимся уникальный опыт и знания, привить усердие и любовь к практическому труду. 

Евтухова Валентина Степановна

Воспитатель ГПД, учитель-дефектолог

Считаю, что высокий уровень развития познавательных процессов является основой для дальнейшего успешного обучения ребенка.

Timofeeva Anastasiya Aleksandrovna

The teacher of Mathematics and Computer science

Professional achievements: since 2010, the teacher has been regularly improving her methodological level and the level of the ICT user.


Teacher of Mathematics

Vera Nikolaevna's students regularly become winners of various stages of the Republican Olympiad in Mathematics and annually earn a high average score in CT.

Kagukina Tatiana Vladimirovna

English teacher

Tatyana Kagukina is the author of more than 30 articles, conference materials, guidelines on methods of teaching a foreign language, psycholinguistics, grammar of the English language and the practice of oral speech.

Kolchina Natalia Sergeevna

Biology and Chemistry Teacher

Natalia Sergeevna's graduates enter prestigious universities in Belarus and abroad:  BSMU, VSMU, medical universities in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Prague. Natalya Sergeevna herself has received numerous high-level awards for achievements in the field of the Olympic movement.

Khodasevich Antonina Antonovna

Primary school teacher

I consider it important to form such qualities of creative thinking as curiosity, emotionality, dialecticism, consistency, variability, originality, divergence, consistency, cognitive activity.

KALASOUSKY Yury Uladzimiravich

Teacher of Belarusian language and literature

In 2013-2020 he mentored distance learning courses in active assessment technology. He actively shares his experience in implementing elements of active assessment in pedagogical activities gained during seminars in Lithuania and Poland, holding master classes at Mogilev Regional Institute for Educational Development and other educational institutions

Gaiduk Roman Vladimirovich


He pays special attention to the development of skills in behavior analysis and its correction, which he confirmed by successfully receiving a certificate of completion of the training course “Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in Working with Children”.

Zhilinskaya Natalia Vasilievna

Primary school teacher

Curiosity is the real key to an interesting and creative life as it allows you to be positive about uncertainty. It Gives you the opportunity to open your mind to new ideas, skills and ways to solve problems.

Rychagova Alla Anatolyevna

Primary school teacher

The school of the future is a school that is open to all modern challenges. A school that teachers and children go to with joy. This is a school of kindness, positiveness and creativity and cooperation.

Lobach Tatiana Vladimirova

Primary school teacher, teacher-defectologist

Every day at school is not like any previous one, because every time there are new discoveries, new emotions, experiences, steps not only into the world of knowledge, but also in the real world ...