Bogovets Yulia Anatolievna

Bogovets Yulia Anatolievna


Education:   BSU, MMF (mechanical-mathematical faculty), 2001,

Specialty – mathematics

BNTU PIIT (Republican Institute of Innovative Technologies), 2014, specialty – quality management

Qualification category – the highest





Professional achievements:

2008 -  Honorary Diploma of the Education Department of the Zavodskoy District Administration

2013 - Honorary Diploma of the Education Committee of the Minsk City Executive Committee

2016 - finalist of the Minsk city  professional skills competition "Leader of Education" (Diploma of the 3rd degree)

2017 - a grant from the Minsk City Executive Committee (professional skill competition "The experience and initiative of teachers - a resource for the capital's education"). 2019 - gratitude from the administration of the Zavodskoy district of Minsk. Attitude to school: The most important thing in school is the child’s trust. A modern school is a place not for passive perception of knowledge but for active independent child’s actions. Classes, built in such a way as to develop children's initiative in every possible way, form an independent person capable of making decisions and taking responsibility for them. Attitude to mathematics: a person needs mathematics not because of some separate knowledge, but because mathematics expands the horizons of an accessible understanding of the world. "