Sixth school day.


Sixth school day: plan of activities.

The goals of educational work on the sixth school day:

– strengthening of physical, mental and moral health;

– creating of an effective system of civil and patriotic education;

– intellectual development and civil formation of the student;

– participation of children and adolescents in useful activities and actions.


Tasks of educational work on the sixth school day:

– to form a civic position in children and youth through participation in socially significant affairs, the development of social activity;

– to familiarize children and youth with moral and spiritual values through the care and preservation of the natural and cultural wealth of their homeland;

– to form patriotism among children and youth, respect for WWII veterans and places of military glory;

– to form the need for the younger generation to take care of the Motherland, its interests in the protection and preservation of environmental resources;

– to form a harmoniously developed socially active personality;

– to improve the moral and aesthetic culture of students;

– to create conditions for the successful socialization of the child’s personality;

– to restore and develop the physical and spiritual strength of children with the appropriate organization of leisure.


Plan of activities.:

13. 11. 2021

20. 11. 2021

27. 11. 2021